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We created this promotional 360 music video for Resident Head DJ at Cocktails Nightclub DJ Coldeed to boost traction on the release of his new remix of “Purple Lamborghini” for release on his Facebook Page.


We created this promotional 360 music video for RAVE RADIO, which was filmed at 2016 Schoolies on the Gold Coast. The brief for this shoot was to have a video online on Facebook ASAP to boost traction for their page.


We recorded BROOKE EVERS live performance at schoolies 2015 for Cocktails Nightclub as a promotional video to boost their Social Media accounts and promote her return in 2016.


We recorded KOMES live at Cocktails Nightclub at Schoolies 2015 for a promotion used for Schoolies events held at Cocktails Nightclub.


We recorded DIXIE at schoolies 2016. This Melbourne based DJ does play at Cocktails Nightclub a few times per year so they use the 360 video for promotional material on Facebook prior to his arrival.


We recorded KATE FOXX live at cocktails Nightclub for Facebook promotional purposes, Kate also used the video and shared the video through her social channels which had a massive positive response.


We filmed Purple Zain at eddies grub house in Coolangatta, this was designed as a promotional video for the release of his new track “I AM THE BEST”. This track later made it to the finals of the Gold Coast Music Awards, 2017


We filmed Chase Atlantic in Brisbane to celebrate the release of their new track “Friends” and to boost promotion of their current tour and give the fans who couldn’t make it there the experience of seeing it in 360.


We shot this 360 video for Jason at InRhythm to celebrate the completion of his lessons for one particular class.